Staffing Services


Staffing Service (PEO Service – Professional Employer Organization Services)

Our PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services are specially designed to support SMEs and Corporates that do not have an entity in Cambodia. We operate under the FocusCore co-employment model, where your employees are registered with our licensed entity, giving them the flexibility to work on your projects as an extension of your company.

Though our partner, Cambodia Payroll & Outsourcing Company Limited (CP&O), we provide bespoke PEO services, allowing companies looking to establish a presence in Cambodia to outsource their employee management tasks, such as payroll and worker’s compensation, risk and safety management, employee benefits, and training and development.

By hiring your employees, we become their employer of record for tax and insurance purpose, enabling you to establish your company activity easily and rapidly in Cambodia. We are well-versed in the regular payment of staff salaries, as well as adherence to national compliance and reporting regulations, which are processes that we are familiar with due to our extensive experience of living and working in Cambodia. Our team is composed of both international and national staff, giving us a unique blend of expertise that we bring to every engagement.