Launching Your Enterprise in Cambodia: Keys to Success

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With steady economic growth and development, Cambodia offers an appealing destination for foreign enterprises. However, those looking to establish operations face nuances requiring thoughtful strategy and reliable local partners.

Choose a business structure aligned with your goals, be it a subsidiary, joint venture, or representative office. Each has pros and cons.

Verify and obtain all required permits, licenses, and registrations legally. Don’t risk penalties for non-compliance.

Engage registered agents to validate essential corporate documents and leases properly. This ensures full legal compliance.

Conduct due diligence to identify ideal locations while balancing infrastructure, talent, incentives, and operating costs.

Develop hiring, training, and retention strategies tailored to Cambodia’s talent landscape and culture. Compete for skilled local talent.

Build relationships with vendors, partners, and distributors with proven local networks and supply chains.

Proactively adhere to tax policies and incentives specific to foreign enterprises in your sector. Avoid surprise obligations.

While promising, nuances abound in Cambodia. Our team of experts offers invaluable expertise to guide foreign investors through key decisions, legal steps, and relationships for launching successfully.


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